The Most Widely Used Cores Because They Can Be Optimized for the Application

It really is amazing to see all of the different applications and markets for Tensilica's DPUs. Unlike other companies' fixed architectures, Tensilica's DPUs can be optimized in many ways to provide designers the most flexiblity when dealing with intensive dataplane processing tasks including complex DSP (audio, video, imaging, and baseband signal processing) and embedded RISC processing functions (security, networking, and deeply embedded control).

Tensilica’s DPUs power top tier semiconductor companies, innovative start-ups, and system OEMs for high-volume products including mobile phones, consumer electronics devices (including portable media players, digital TV, and broadband set top boxes), computers, and storage, networking and communications equipment.

Mobile Handset

Today's mobile phone designers need extremely low power, high-performance function blocks that are programmable to keep up with fast-moving standards. The latest mobile phones contain many processors - and many of those come from Tensilica.
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Home Entertainment

For next-generation home entertainment products, you need efficient, high-performance functional blocks that are programmable to keep up with the latest standards. Tensilica DPUs are being employed in many places in the living room and throughout the house.
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PCs, Printers and Storage

While the main CPU in a personal or notebook computer gets a lot of attention, there are lots of other processors involved in those systems. In many of the major subsystems, including printers, storage, audio, graphics, video, and wireless, you'll find Tensilica's processor cores and DSPs hard at work.
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As automobiles become more intelligent, Tensilica's DPUs are being designed into the entertainment centers as well as many functions that enhance vehicle safety
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Mobile & Network Infrastructure

Tensilica's DPUs are ideal for networking applications because they can be optimized to exactly fit the datapath and to efficiently process the data, particularly for PHY and MAC layer control and packet processing.
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Did You Know?

Did You Know?

The LTE/HSPA/3G baseband chip in NTT Docomo’s newest mobile phones use multiple Tensilica DPUs, including the HiFi Audio DSP and the 'ConnX BBE Baseband DSP.