Designed Into Storage and Networking Products

Storage system architects often face the dilemma of choosing from ill-suited, general-purpose CPUs to meet the demanding functional requirements and performance goals of storage & networking. Because of the high processing demands on these designs, a general-purpose microprocessor (running even at several GHz) often cannot deliver the necessary horsepower within the power and cost budgets.

Because they can be optimized, Tensilica's Xtensa processors have been designed into storage & networking products from many manufacturers. Some of the public ones are listed below.


Two of our licensees are publically announced, 6 others are keeping it secret and many more are in active evaluation.

LSI / Sandforce SSD Controllers

LSI Sandforce uses Tensilica in its market leading SSD (solid state disk) controllers. Read about the design at Tom's Hardware.

VIA Tek SSD Controllers

VIA is using Tensilica's DPUs for a SSD SOC design. "After conducting a thorough technical evaluation, VIA determined that Tensilica's DPUs provide over four times the performance of competing processors on key algorithms used to benchmark competitive alternatives." See press release.



Cisco have multiple designs incorporating multiple Xtensa processors. Notably, their QuantumFlow and CRS Network Processors use 40 and 188 Xtensa's respectively.


Used in their iStorage TCP/IP offload product as well as their W-CDMA Network Processor.


Used in multiple product lines, more recently for PowerLine modems.


Used in their Atlanta 2000 LTE Gateway


Eight Tensilica DPUs provide protocol processing and accleration for "BladeEngine", a 10G Ethernet Controller.

One Tensilica DPU can be found in their "NetClient" MultiMedia client


Used in NetScreen security gateway


Xtensa is used in their VDSL modem


Xtensa is used in their Satellite modem

Did You Know?

Did You Know?

NXP Semiconductors is using Tensilica’s ConnX Baseband Engine in its automotive multi-standard software defined radio innovation platform, a highly flexible baseband processor for satellite and terrestrial digital radio and mobile HDTV.