Making Sure Your Tensilica Design is Successful

Our goal is to get you up to speed and productive on our tools as fast as possible so you can get your design into production right away. To help ensure that, we offer:

Free Software Evaluation

SDK Eval

Try our SDK Software Development Toolkit for 15 days absolutely free. We want to show you how easy it is to use our Eclipse-based IDE. Apply here.

Want to license our software? Download the SDK for immediate access, and contact your local representative for licensing details.




We REALLY encourage our hands-on training because it has been demonstrated to really speed up the understanding of our how tools work and how to best use our products. We offer training at our headquarters in Santa Clara at least five times a year. In addition, we can bring the training to you with on-site training.

In just two days, we provide the introductory training that will get you going with our tools. You can add an extra day on to learn how to use our Verilog-like TIE language to further customize your DPU. We also offer additional training classes for popular products, including our HiFi Audio DPSs and our ConnX baseband DSPs. See your Tensilica account manager to enroll in a class and get the current schedule and class offerings.

Benchmarks and Evaluations


Hands-on evaluations and benchmarks are part of many decision cycles. Please contact your local Tensilica account manager to discuss the best approach.



Online Knowledge Base and Support Center (Login Required)


We've developed a comprehensive support center and an extensive online knowledge base that our customers can access to get additional information. You'll find application notes, release notes, and other tips that you can use in your designs. We provide this access for free once you are conducting an evaluation or have decided to become a Tensilica customer.

Visit the support center and online knowledge base (login required) »


Xtensa Processor Generator (XPG)


The Xtensa Processor Generator (XPG) is the heart of our technology - the patented Cloud-based system that creates your correct-by-construction DPU and all associated software, models, etc. Login here if you have an XPG login or ask your Tensilica Account Manager how to get access to XPG for evaluation.

Launch the Xtensa Processor Generator »



Tensilica's Users Forum

Many of our customers share their experiences and ask question at our Users Forum. Feel free to join in the conversation.

Did You Know?

Did You Know?

Tensilica licensees have built over 700 DPU core variants in silicon?